Census Day

*Census Day marks the end of the drop/add period, at which time the University takes a snapshot of student enrollment for state and federal enrollment reporting and determining financial aid … Continue reading "Census Day"

Disability as Diversity: Building Bridges To Full Inclusion Workshop

Via Zoom - https://augsburg.zoom.us/j/92796404239?pwd=bHpEckxtRDVuMVdwM3M1NHQvQXVIUT09

Zoom Link: https://augsburg.zoom.us/j/92796404239?pwd=bHpEckxtRDVuMVdwM3M1NHQvQXVIUT09This Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program interactive workshop allows participants to explore the concept of ableism and other various models of disability. Additionally, participants will examine disability through the … Continue reading "Disability as Diversity: Building Bridges To Full Inclusion Workshop"

General meeting 01/19


First general APPAC meeting of the semester Hosted by: Augsburg Pre-Physician Assistant Club Online Location: https://augsburg.zoom.us/j/94284259254?pwd=bGxSbkxZeG1NRXNOTGk4NUNUUS9hdz09 Additional Information can be found at: https://augsburg.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7704363

Chapel: Muslim Student Assocation

Campus Ministry Event Calendar

MSA students who attended the MAS-ICNA event in Chicago over winter break will share stories about their experience at the conference.