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Chapel: Amanda Vetsch

Campus Ministry Event Calendar

Christensen Center for Vocation Innovation Hub coach Amanda Vetsch will preach.

Interfaith Ally Training

Marshall Room, Christensen Center, Campus Ministry Event Calendar

The Interfaith Ally Workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn about a wide range of faiths and ethical traditions including Native Spirituality, Judaism, Islam, Hybrid, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and … Continue reading "Interfaith Ally Training"

A moment to relax

Marshall Room, Christensen Center 720 22nd Ave S., Minneapolis

Since Midterms are over, we are having a game night for students to chill and have fun!  Hosted by: Spring of the Water of Life Bible Club Additional Information can … Continue reading "A moment to relax"

QPA General Meeting

Hagfors 150A

Our first general meeting to make introductions and create a space for people to mingle. Hosted by: LGBTQIA+ Student Services, Queer Pride Alliance Additional Information can be found at: